Friday 6 January 2012

Mr B Gentleman Rhymer brings ‘Chap Hop’ to Frome

Frome had not seen a moustache like it until Mr. B Gentlemen Rhymer tailored in tweed bowled into Frome.

FromeTV presenter Nigel Peirce quizzed him with questions from our producer Selina cuff on “the formula to stardom”, whether “Britain has got talent?” and ” if Frome needs to cultivate better chaps and chapettes?” Nigel also got him to play a bit of the banjolele for us in the green room.

Feeling as though the country has plummeted to a satirical bottom from which it may never recover, Mr.B valiantly strides across the country reconnecting hip-hop and the Queen’s English with his own invention of “Chap-hop”.

The Cheese & Grain was packed with pipes and moustaches as all saluted such songs as ‘All hail the chap’, ‘Crazy Knight’ & ‘Timothy’

Presenter Nigel Peirce
Producers Selina Cuff & Leander Morales
Director & Editor Jade Thomas
VJ Artist VJ Ultra
Backdrop & Film Cameras Adam Bowman & Megan Kelly
Canon 5D MK11 Ed Thomas
Canon 60D Jade Thomas
Concert sound mix HL Audio (

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