Saturday 5 December 2009

The Furball 'Frome'

Vj Ultra's home town of Frome Somerset hosts the amazing publication 'The Furball' its packed of crazy info about Frome and its communities adventures. Vj Ultra has been reviewed for his Visual Art and photogrpahy, and the latest edition a write up about the Cologne Commons Festival Cologne Germany.

See Pages 33-36

See Pages 21-23

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Vj Ultra Visual Edits

Vj Ultra's video edits to some random tracks by The Plump Dj's. The video clips have been edited on a timeline using video editing software. the clips are created from footage taken by Vj Ultra on various holidays and life experiences.

Plump Dj's track 'Lost in Space' from ::::Vj Ultra:::: on Vimeo.

Plump Dj's track 'The Gate' from ::::Vj Ultra:::: on Vimeo.

evil nine from ::::Vj Ultra:::: on Vimeo.

Fusion Visual Jockey

Vj Ultra and dumbrobot did 2 years of Fusion Raves Westbury Wiltshire, Bristol, Bournemouth, London, Swindon full on all nighters flatout 180 bpm's of hardcore tunes, not our style but all good experience for live shows. dumbrobot created custom tech graphics and we mixed em up.

Glastonbury Festival Visual Jockey

Vj Ultra can be seen at Glastonbury Festival Vj'ing his Visual at the G-Stage Glade area, as with the Glade
Festival many different and interesting artists pass through Glastonbury which makes for an interesting weekend of visuals. Again covering many genres of music and DJ's.

HTID Visual Jockey

Vj Ultra has mixed live visual at HTID rave in Westbury Wiltshire. HTID are a well busy rave organisation
holding large raves all over UK and Europe.