Monday 30 November 2009

Glade Festival Visual Jockey

Vj Ultra has mixed live visuals at the Glade festival UK  for 3-4 years, providing visuals for the Overkill Stage for 3 days and nights and then to the main G-Stage for days and nights of visuals for a range of top notch musicians and Dj's. The Glade Festival is an experience never to be missed the mixture of music genres and people and activities is mind blowing and if you like the Glade part of Glastonbury the you will enjoy the Glade Festival for sure.

Sunday 29 November 2009


Vj Ultra has mixed live visual at two Dreadzone events at the Cheese and Grain in Frome Somerset. Vj Ultra has customised some of the original Dreadzone artwork creating some flowing renders which was then mixed from dvd players through the Edirol V8 Vision Mixer. the video above are snippets from the events and the video clips below are of the Dreadzone rendered images.

Bloom Festival Visual Jockey

Vj ultra has visual jockeyed at the Bloom in 2006 and 2007 with Dumbrobot together we produced live mixed visuals for 'The Nextmen', 'Kid Blue', DJ emskee' and Frank the organiser DJ set. the Bloom Festival when its on is the smallest but funkiest festival i've been to friendly full of good acts. Not sure if its gonna happen again if it does get down there.

Cologne Commons

Vj Ultra was invited to the first Commons festival in Cologne Germany in 2009. The Cologne Commons Festival was held at the Kunstwerk & Gebaude 9 Koln
Cologne Commons – Festival and conference for free music and free culture (Germany / Cologne)
The “Cologne Commons” is a platform for free music, netlabels and artists in general.
The goal of the two-day event, that will be held from 12th to 13th of June 2009, is to set a precise focus on issues and chances of the web, including possibilities of a “Free Sharing Culture“.

The event will include theory and practice. The conference steps into workshops, how-to’s, panels and discussions of experts. Close connected to the talks the festival will showcase talents, unknown or extraordinary musicians and VJs, that embrace the concept of the Creative Commons and the chance, that the new media brings, instead of demonizing them.

Although netlabels play a central role in this years festival, it is by far not limited only to music. More generally the focus is on Creative Commons everything related to art and media – with the rise of a new cultural economy and perspectives for young artists in mind.

ARTRMX Koln Germany Art Installation

Vj Ultra's video installation 'No Sacred Land' from ::::Vj Ultra:::: on Vimeo.

Vj Ultra exhibited his Video Art 'No Sacred Land' at the Fisrt Cologne Art rmx Exhibiton with the subject 'where is my mind' along with 50 other artists from around the world. The catagories involved were Photography, Street Art, Graphics, Painting, Video Art, Sculpture and Installation. the exhibition lasted 8 days and the artists were given different locations around the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany to show there work off. .
Vj Ultra exhibited in the basement at the Tausend Bar: Aachener Str. 57, 50674 Köln - .
It was at the Artrmx exhibition that Vj Ultra met Marco Medkour of the Koln Net Label and stayed in contact to create the on going Audio/Visual relationship with music producers from around the world. See Blogg (Vj Ultra and Rec72)

Fashion Show Visual Jockey

Coming soon

Sunday 22 November 2009

Vj Ultra and Rec72

Vj Ultra creates video to accompany music created by digital producers from around the world,
this started when he exhibited some video artwork 'No Sacred Land' at the Artrmx exhibition Cologne Germany 2007.
There Vj Ultra met up with Marco Medkour the creator of the German Net label Rec72 . Since then Vj Ultra has completed three different audio/visual projects, the first a colaboration with German producer 'Deef' the second with polish producer 'Dj Orbique' and the third with Polish producer 'Lukeing Forward' . the next colaboration is with the producer 'Normaa' track Normaagedon from the new release compilation album 'of men and machines' available for FREE download from

Ein sonniger Tag mit dir / DeefUltra from rec72 on Vimeo.

everything goes wrong VIP dirty remix by Orbique & VJ Ultra from rec72 on Vimeo.

Breakdown - Interfusion Remix / VJUltra from rec72 on Vimeo.